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Breaking Up in the Social Media World – The Challenges

Much to the dismay of all who’d seen their love play out on television Omarion and Apryl have offically announced end of their relationship. It was done with taste and maturity.

Their break-up might provide the blueprint of how to handle a difficult process so publicly, in the world of social media.

Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr – provide great ways to show the beginning of a relationship.  People can share and declare their love with hundreds of friends and friends of friends. Our dates, commitments, marriages, anniversaries. Glamorous selfies and photos spread  like wildfire to timelines,  profiles, cover photos and status updates.  Everything is wonderful, that is until the music stops.

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What is the best way to explain to everyone who helped celebrate the beginning of the relationship on social media that the relationship has now ended?  The best way may be to make it short brief, too the point and with class and decorum.  It may be best to keep matters private and let others figure it out on their own or in the case of how Omarion and Apryl handled it, send out a respectful statement.


Omarion simply indicated that he and his former partner decided to end the relationship but yet will “continue to love and support one another”.


This may be the best method in order to limit questions, confusion and from family and friends who may want more answers and confirmation.

After The Break-Up 
Now, that all of the former relationship history is written in internet stone, you are  left to deal with reminders and pop-ups, past photos, throw-back shares, and even “Memories to Look Back On”. You may have to face these old wounds everyday in your social media feed and timeline.  The decision is made with “to delete” or “not delete” that history.

Why It’s Not so Easy

Sometimes it’s not as easy as Unfriending, De-Twittering or Unfollowing on Instagram. You both share the same network of friends, colleagues, schoolmates, professional pals, all of whom might have one post related to another. You may even have children together and for their sake you may have to continue an amicable relationship on social media. Even if you do unfriend or block, you can still get hit with your ex’s latest photo, latest accomplishment, or even their new love life status. How do you handle that status making its way into your feed or timeline?

The American Psychological Association has indicated that there is “no standard method for breaking-up” in the new digital age of technology and social media.

If your break-up is amicable and the two of you can at least agree to disagree, there may be some strategies that can help you both end it more painlessly than you ever thought before. You just might be able to create your digital break-up exit-plan.

Mutual Announcement

Just like making an announcement of  beginning a relationship, and announcement can be made that you’re ending one. If the breakup is mutual, maybe you can make the announcement together that you two have broken up.

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Write an announcement to mutual friends with the following information: “We have decided to break up and as you know this can be difficult, as our friends we hope you assist us in making this a process with your compassion.”

You might find that your friends might show more sensitivity than you think and for a while at least, they will consider your feelings when they are talking to your ex via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Have the announcement sent from both of your accounts so that friends can see it is accepted by both parties. Limit the break-up announcement to those who know the both of you. That’s a sign of a drama-less breakup, and will help eliminate social media speculation.

Once you send out the break-up announcement, sit back and wait for the support. It might start with “likes” or favorites on your announcement. Then hopefully, the comments will show support too.


If there are any negative comments, address them before the thread gets out of hand and remind your friends that this is to help you and not add to any further pain. True friends will be supportive and might even offer to help. You will then have a great support network starting for you already. Hopefully, most will be compassionate and caring, which is exactly the type of attention you’ll need to get through this tough time.



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