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Celebrities and The Public – Demanding for the Violence To End


The traumatic events over the past week has brought out a collective response by different representations of different communities. Such strong responses that this nation has probably not seen during this lifetime.  Responses to the heart-wrenching events such as Alton Sterling being shot dead, Philando Castile being shot dead. Later during the week at a community protest event five Police officers were shot dead. As people take sides as to what is right and what is wrong, as people disagree, agree and agree to disagree – there is one thing most everyone agrees on – It must stop. The killings must end.


Successful comedian D.L. Hughley who has made audiences laugh for over 20 years is no longer laughing. During a CNN interview last week, Hughley expressed his response through tears. “I don’t go to sleep until my children come home. I keep my clothes on until my children come home in the middle of the night… It’s too much, it’s too much.” he said.


Extreme violence that is resulting in people losing their lives has compelled the action of citizens across the economic and demographic spectrum to come out and speak out against the racial violence. Black, White, Latino, Asian individuals and groups are coming out in droves via protest, gatherings, rallies and social media to vent, question, express concern and support.

On July 8, legendary rappers “Snoop Dog” and “The Game” led a peace march to the headquarters of the LAPD to encourage dialogue between the police and members of the community. It was their effort to not only show support for those that worked to protect and serve but to also build a bridge and work towards ending the racial violence. The Game expressed his concern during an interview, he said “America is torn and I’d like to put a band-aid on that.”

During a Dallas community protest gun shots pierced through the crowd and eventually ended the lives of five police officers. During this melee attendees in the crowd immediately risked their lives to encircle their protection around a baby in a life saving act of solidarity.  Many saw this as a symbol of hope to save the future of humanity.

In the middle of the horror, in the wake of nightmare, amid the outrage and the call to arms is this moment of humanity:…

Posted by Nate Homan on Friday, July 8, 2016


As it would turn out, one of the officers who was killed during the Dallas shooting was fan of Cuba Gooding Jr., the Academy award winning actor. Cuba embraced the officers in laughter and jokes the day the photo was taken and he indicated to them , “I appreciate what you do.” According to, Cuba welled up in tears when the reporter asked how he felt when he heard the news. “I cried” he responded.


The reasons behind these shootings will continue to be examined, debated and discussed but one thing everyone hopefully will agree on, is that the violence has to end.

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  1. Big thank you to Snoop and The Game, you guys are the example we all need to follow, major props!

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