Academic Super Star – Ivy League Bound


This is the time of year when high school students are patiently waiting to hear if they’ve been accepted by the colleges they applied to during the previous semester. Ifeoma White-Thorpe on the other hand has a different dilemma. She has to decide which Ivy League college she will be attending in the fall. Her hard work and diligence devoted to her studies earned Ifeoma offers of acceptance from Columbia University, Brown University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University. Not a bad start in her early young adult life.


Ifeoma told CBS News “It’s an honor to just get into one of these schools.”  She applied to Harvard, just to see if she had a chance. To her surprise she was accepted  as part of their “Early Action’ program.  Later,  more acceptance letters started rolling in. “I got into all the others and now I don’t know where I want to go”, Ifeoma continued.

Wendy Williams was intrigued by Ifeoma’s accomplishment and hightlighted her on the daytime talk show. Wendy remarked that Ifeoma was a “fun girl” and delved a little more into Ifeoma’s personal life. When Wendy asked “Do you have a boyfriend?”, Ifeoma’s answer drew applause from the audience, “No I have Jesus Christ”, she replied. Wendy gave props for that.

While on the Wendy Williams show, Ifeoma got to meet one of her favorite actors Morris Chestnut, backstage. Mr. Chestnut seemed just as pleased to be able to congratulate Ifeoma with an award-winning hug.


Ifeoma admits that her choice will boil down to the school that offers her the most financial assistance. “It depends on what they can offer me as well. It’s also depends on which school has the best pre-med track.”  She will definitely have to think hard about her decision, as she worked practically all her life for this opportunity.  She didn’t consider her parents very strict, although they did not allow she or her brother to watch television, she says she knows they did it for their benefit. “My parents really pushed my brother and I to succeed not for them but it was for us and those who are going to come after us. ”

To provide a better idea of what it took for Ifeoma to get to this point, she was also involved in extra-curricular activities such as running track, she was president of her Student Leader Council as the United Nations and her score on the SAT was in the 99th percentile.  It looks like Ifeoma’s dedication to her goals have resulted in the pay-off she was looking for.  Congratulations, Ifeoma White-Thorpe.


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